"We had just been placed with an infant six days prior to our next call.  A five-year-old girl and her one-month-old brother needed a home that day because they had already been in shelter 31 days (max is supposed to be 30).  We said “yes” and had to go pick up the kids from the shelter within a few hours. We moved kids' rooms around and ran to the store for everything we could think of to care for 2 babies now and a preschooler.  Our family of four became seven in a weeks time!

G and B came with the pajamas they were wearing, a garbage bag of random papers and trinkets, and a bottle that’s nipple had been punctured so they could put cereal in with B's formula.  

We fostered them for 2 years before we adopted them.  Over the years, we learned that when G was taken by social services, she had been out on a walk with her birth mother, and they never went back to her apartment to get any of her things.  At her apartment was her treasured cat, her bike, and her clothes (that were kept in a trash bag).  All of this was left behind.  

If G and B had come with Foster the Love placement bags, they really would have had something they could have called their own, and possibly the first nice, new things they would have ever owned!"

Update: After I wrote this piece about G's experience entering foster care and read it to her, she quickly chided me for forgetting "a main part." And-after hearing her out-I realized I had left out an important part! I have to share with you what I missed! When G was taken by the social workers, she was obviously very scared. She told me she wouldn't let go of her mom's hand until they were absolutely forced to separate them. G was crying and so distraught that someone gave her a stuffed animal to hold while she was being driven to the shelter home. The stuffed animal apparently helped her so much that she remembers the drive with it many years. The hard part about this story though, is that when they arrived at the shelter, the worker took the stuffed animal back!  G walked into an unknown, scary world, with nothing to comfort her.  She lost everything. I have no more words.