"We picked up one and a half-year-old "T" from a shelter home. He was our first placement, so we didn't know what to expect.  The shelter gave us one outfit, socks, and a coat; the pants he was wearing were for a three-year-old.  The scant belongings - we've found out during our years of fostering- is common for foster kids.  In T's case, it also fit the lifestyle he had been living- moving from place to place and often sleeping in a garage.  We put the ill-fitting clothes in a cupboard in case we needed to return them at some point and found our own.  Thankfully, we had saved clothes and toys from our older kids that he could use because it took several months before we received any financial help from the county.  A placement bag would have been very nice for him, since he'd never had much of anything.

It would have been helpful for us as the foster parents too because adding another child who needs to catch up on medical appointments and get rides to visits, along with general care costs, adds up quickly!"