• Pray for the children in foster care, that they would find a kind and loving family to care for them until reunification or adoption occurs.

  • Pray that sibling groups would be placed together in one foster home.

  • Pray that the children would find stability in a foster home and not have to move from home to home.

  • Pray for healing for those who have experienced trauma OR LOSS.

  • Pray for their futures, that the events in their lives will mold them into strong, passionate men and women.

  • Pray for these children to find permanent homes soon, whether that is with their birth parents, relatives, or through adoption.

  • Pray for the young adults, who age out of the foster care system without finding reunification or adoption.

  • Pray for wisdom for the judges, case workers, social workers, and guardians working with these young ones every day.

  • Pray for the birth parents, whatever they may be struggling with, that they will find mentors, recovery programs, and support to be able to be reunified with their children OR HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM IF THEY HAVE BEEN ADOPTED.

  • Pray for the foster families, that they would have the means to provide for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the children. Pray that they would find other foster families to connect with. Pray that their family, friends, and community would surround them with support as they care for these children. Pray that their hearts would be soft towards the birth parents.

Cousins joined through foster care & adoption.

Cousins joined through foster care & adoption.