Coffee In the park

Join us Wednesday, July 11th, at 3:30 for Coffee and playtime in the park.  This event is being held at Wolfe Park in St. Louis Park.



New FLM Summer Support Group

Begins June 21st from 6-8 at LifePoint church in Maplewood.  Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of June, July, and August.   Come earn some credits, get encouragement and support, utilize free childcare, and have light refreshments! 

FLM Summer Support Group Topics

June 21st- The Power of One Caring Adult

We will listen to Josh Shipp’s recorded interview of his first-hand experience in foster care, and how he was positively impacted by his foster parent.  Then, we will explore ways we can be more intentional and life-impacting with our foster kids.  Come ready to share (if you feel comfortable) any stories of positive changes you have seen and what you did that helped a child begin to heal.  We will also share current struggles we face and help each other with ideas for enduring well.

 Kids Activities- Growing in Mindfulness

Through planned activities, crafts, and stories, kids will learn how to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts. We will have a snack near the end of the night.


July 5th- Understanding Regulation and Kids Big Emotions

Play therapist, Kathryn Kane, will share from her experience working with kids from hard places and helping them understand and manage their big emotions.  She will be available for question after her presentation, followed by a time for us to support each other.

 Kids Activities- Dealing with Angry Emotions

Kat will also share some strategies for the kids to understand their angry emotions and how to appropriately handle them.  Activities and crafts will reinforce what the kids are learning.  Snacks will be given.


July 19th- Strategies to Help Kids Dealing with Trauma

Meggie Royer, the Education & Outreach Coordinator with Women’s Advocates, will be presenting on understanding kids’ trauma, how it affects their behavior, and how to practically help them heal.  There will be a question and answer time after she presents, followed by time for us to support one another. 

 Kids Activities- Handling Anxiety

Kids will learn to identify their anxious emotions and find ways to ask for help.  There will be activities, crafts, and a story on the topic of anxiety.  Snack is included!


August 2nd- Understanding the Inflexible Explosive Child

Theresa Saum will share how reading Ross Greene’s book, The Explosive Child, was a pivotal turning point to her foster daughter’s raging tantrums.  We will discuss how to step in with the right words when a child is showing signs of getting dysregulated.  There will also be opportunities to practice how to give kids compromises and a voice through real life and pretend scenarios. 

Kids Activities- Using our Voice to Compromise

Hear from a foster kid who struggled to communicate as a child and has since learned to solve problems using his words and compromising.  Activities, crafts, and snacks will also reinforce the topic.


 August 16th- Seeing the Truth Behind the Behavior

Barb Clark from the Adoption Support Network is coming to share about FAS and the kids we serve.  She is the leading expert on FAS in the state, so you won't want to miss her presentation! 

 Kids Activities- Calm Down Strategies

Through activities, crafts, and a story from a foster kid who has learned how to handle his emotions, kids will learn and even practice several calm down strategies.  Snacks will be provided. 




Royal Family Kids' Camp- Grace Church of Eden Prairie July 22-27

Open to foster kids ages 6-12!

Camp Info:

The camp application is on Managed Missions through Grace church, so you will need to create a username and password before you fill out the app.